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Самый лучший счетчик в РУнете
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Синоптики мысли моей реактивной
пророки неясных, расплывчатых чувств
зачем я хернёй тут страдаю активно
поганя одно из великих искусств

[29.11.2015 10:57] Tracy
At last, sooneme who knows where to find the beef
[03.03.2014 10:10] Keisha
The Md Quotes Chimp Account. The state-of Md includes circumstances-backed insurance business for those that can't otherwise get policy contract. The coverage is managed from the condition but personal insurance company got to subsidize deficits from your account, that they could be recovered by their particular customers.
[26.12.2013 11:58] Wawan
Why do I bother calnilg up people when I can just read this!


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