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Крупные трупные пятна по коже
разлазятся быстро как мелкие воши
если лежит под таким слоем кожи
фенилцианид ни на что не похожий

[20.06.2016 22:43] Terry
“‘Here, the exageration is towards the demonization of Israelis and of Zionism, and in that I use the same term as Dershowitz, somehow you equate us.But, that is equating two people that are quite different (not entirely) each stating, “Its raining ou&2Mde”.&#8s21;t#8216;iore like, its raining outside, bu Israel has the right to defenf itself.
[03.03.2014 10:10] Dalton
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[06.02.2014 21:58] Yhunie
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